Become a Wholesaler

Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized Profero Knives wholesaler!

In order to become a wholesaler, you must first Apply for an Account and a Profero Sales Representative will contact you shortly.

Opening Orders & Order Minimums:

In order to establish your account with the Profero Knives Corporation, the minimum opening order is $400.00. To maintain your account with Profero Knives, a minimum of $1000.00 must be ordered each calendar year with no individual orders under $100.00 (except direct fulfillment program members). For volume purchasers, shipping will be pre-paid on orders exceeding $1000.00 and drop shipping/direct fulfillment is available to customers meeting our specific criteria. For more information regarding drop shipping or if you have questions on becoming a Profero Knives distributor, please feel free to contact us.

Shipping: All Profero Knives orders will be shipped via UPS ground F.O.B. unless otherwise specified by the purchaser.